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Available Services

Private 1:1 Coaching

12 week transformation program resetting mindset after toxic relationships. 

30 Days to Healthy Living

Have you been struggling with diets that don't work. Unable to get motivated to exercise and stick with it because you aren't losing the weight or feeling a difference. Want a healthier eating lifestyle that benefits whole body wellness, but no idea where to begin? Then this is the right program for you. 

Private 1:1 Coaching

Life out of balance? Stuck in "Survival Mode"? If you would like to learn how to get your life back on track; so you can transition from a life by default to life by design. Then this is the perfect program for you.

Accountability Coaching

Have you been doing "ALL the things", but not seeing results. Plan to do things, having a hard time following through? You have the ability within you. The missing piece is an accountability partner. Some one to encourage you and lift you up on the hard days. 

Reclaim Your Energy

Are you a struggling single parent? Overwhelmed by your day to day responsibilities? If you are having trouble sleeping at night or energy drained by 3pm. You still have to fix dinner, clean, and help the kids with homework, but you just don't have anything left in you. This program is just for you.

Business and Marketing 

For coaches and content creators wanting to transform their content from flatlining to head turning. Turn to Fresh Perspective Edits and give your content the WOW factor that will increase your follows and bring in clients. Contact us for all your graphic design needs.


Available for Motivational Speaking & Online webinars