Narcissistic Abuse Recovery, Support, and Coaching

Many do not know how to identify signs of abuse until they are in too deep; making it even harder to break free AND heal from the damage that is done. 

Knowing the warning signs is a great first step. But it's only the beginning. Next you need to plan a safe exit. Once you are out, and NO Contact! If possible. (I know this is not always possible. No contact might not be an option if you have children with the abuser; which was the case with me when I left my children's father)  Your healing journey can begin. 

Through self-care, self-reflection, and various modalities (Used first hand through my own healing journey.) You begin to reclaim your life, stand firm in your self-worth, and transform from surviving to thriving. 

Common Warning Signs of Abuse in Relationships

  • Being told that you never do anything right or you are always the cause for everything going wrong.

  • Extreme jealousy toward your friends or family; making you choose between them or your family. When spending time spent away from them; they might blow up your phone with text or calls "checking up" on you. Even accusing you of cheating or neglecting them or things at home. 

  • Isolation from family and friends either by them stopping you or upsetting you till you don't leave. Guilt trips you from spending time with anyone but them.

  • Insulting, name calling, demeaning, or embarrassing you intentionally, especially in front of other people.

  • Discouraging you or stopping you from making your own decisions, stopping you from working or earning a degree or certification that you would like. Telling you where to work; or even checking up on you at your job.

  • Making all financial decisions for the household without discussing it with you, including controlling or spending money you earn or refusing money for necessary needs if they do not allow you to work at all.

  • Pushing you to have sex or perform sexual acts you have communicated you are not comfortable with. (not respecting you boundaries)

  • Encourages or repeatedly requests you to use drugs or alcohol (either because they do or to loosen your inhibitions so that you won't fight their requests.

  • Manipulating or scaring you through threatening behaviors, verbal threats or actions.

  • Criticizing the way you parent your children or threatening to harm the children or take your children or pets away from you.

  • Scaring you or causing you to feel you are in harm with weapons; guns, knives, bats, mace or physically grabbing, pushing or hitting you.

  • Breaking things that belong to you or breaking things in your home (punching holes in wall, breaking doors and windows, throwing things).


Hi my name is Callie, and I am a mom of many hats. I've been the wishful mom struggling with infertility. (4 miscarriages before oldest was born.) I was a stay at home mom for 11 years through an abusive marriage to a Grandiose Narcissist. I have also homeschooled my sons part of the time I was with their father. 

I was terrified of becoming a single mom. Both my parents have passed away and I had no family to turn to while I got back on my feet. Because I was afraid I would not be able to support my sons on my own; I stayed in a VERY toxic relationship far beyond when I knew I should leave.


However, three years ago that all changed when I reached my breaking point. I didn't know how I would leave, where I would go, or how I would support my three sons alone. All I knew was I had to leave! My sanity was depending on it!


The decade of gaslighting and mental/emotional abuse was taking a toll on my overall wellness. I was severely depressed and facing daily panic attacks. I had no appetite and could hardly sleep. I was so desperate to make the hurting stop that I even contemplated suicide.

The first 1-2 years after I left were by far the hardest. I don't just mean financially either; mentally, emotionally, physically it was hard. There were moments that I thought maybe I should have stayed. That maybe enduring the daily abuse was easier than trying to do it ALL on my own. I was working 10-12 hour shifts in a factory 6 days a week. I almost never got to see my sons, and when I did I was so exhausted I couldn't  even enjoy them.


So I went from 11 years as a SAHM to single working mom. Then to working, going to school full time, and being a single mom. Now I am a "Mompreneur", aspiring author, speaker, and Certified Coach.


Over the last two years I have devoted my free time to learning the tools and modalities to help me transform from living in a constant state of fear; stuck in survival mode.  To breaking free of the self doubt and toxic gaslighting, so that I can embrace the woman I truly am and the freedom that comes from loving me for ME!


 Join me as I share how I took back my life and went from surviving to thriving. Through

private 1:1 coaching, webinars, and motivational speaking. I am on a mission to empower Narcissist survivors to RISE.